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The issues are not solely on her. There were bad things said by my mom to my brother's wife, and my family likes to think themselves up and be elitist. My fiance' comes from a poor upbringing, that barely scraps by and basically, my family thinks she isn't good enough for me. I love her, and hate the attitude of my family. Heck, my brother flat out told me not to put my fiance's daughter in the daycare he uses for his kids, with the hint that it would "corrupt" them.

This is the reason why I posted this, because I wanted thoughts on people who I know would give different opinions based on the ones I've heard already.

She was adopted by the way, and her "mom" was 50 years old when she got her and died when she was 15, and her mom left her with basically everything. Well, she had step-siblings who were twice her age, and hated her. Needless to say, a 15 year old can't get inheritance until 18 I believe, and her siblings took her in, got what they wanted from her, and kicked her to the curb and forced her to drop out. That is what happened.

Also, we have no means of taking a week off, and flying there to spend a week, we simply don't have the money to do so. We would have enough to get there, and get set up with a roommate friend(female) and get to work.
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