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I have some thoughts on this:
1. yes, live with no regrets, if this is what you feel is the best for you then do it.
2. However, be at least a little pragmatic, you need to have a job before you move to a part of the country you have never lived before. She could move ahead and find a place and a job for herself before you get there and you could tie up loose ends in TX.

I have leapt often without looking and have been lucky, but I have also ended up in places where misery and backstabbing kissarses reigned. I am happier now in England then I was in Denver, but that had less to do with Denver (which is a city I loved) and more to do with certain logistics I hadn't overcome (2.5 to 3 hours commuting from CoS where my house was).

On the other hand don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the details in planning because in the end all of those can be dealt with. I almost backed off moving to England for that reason and am glad I didn't. In the end if what you have to gain by moving is more than what you have by staying, you have your answer.

Addendum: I do concur with the idea that the move has to be about you, not just her. I am not going to put judgment on who she may or may not be, but this decision needs to be one you want, not just something to make her happy.

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