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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Iron Clady View Post
Yeah Hogan some of those songs are a little slow.

I really the guitar work tho, is the same band still together?
No. They imploded after the fairly disasterous "Come In And Burn" LP. He did three more albums and one benefit album of Black Flag covers for the West Memphis Three with a LA hard rock outfit (Mother Superior) backing him as The Rollins Band and then that was it.

The Band in the "Fool" clip reformed and toured with X in 2006, but he felt there wasn't a total commitment from the players to keep it going and became disillusioned by the whole "reunion tour" thing about halfway through it (Incidently, I seen them on this tour and thought they were just fine, but whatever).

He's vowed to never do music again, save for guest appearances on other artists work. He's totally a spoken word guy now with movies and TV mixed in here and there.
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