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Malik Jackson

Indianapolis Colts UDFA Bids:

Position: Bid:
1 Larry Hart-Central ArkansasDE/OLB 17,500
2 Nick Polk-IU SS 12,500
3 Kion Lewis-UCF LB 10,500
4 Harry Coleman-LSU OLB/SS 10,500
5 David Reed-Utah WR/RS 10,500
6 Reggie Carter-UCLA LB 10,500
7 Matt Mayberry-IU LB 5,000
8 Jamar Wall-Texas Tech CB 10,500
9 Malcolm Shepard-Arkansas DL 12,500

I got all my bids except Kion Lewis from USF. Very happy about that. Most of these guys are ST's selections with some upside. Unfortunately, my computer fried FRI night and I have to do this on my iPhone. More later....
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