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Matt Paradis

Wide Receivers / Tight Ends

Anderson, Bryan (WR, Central Michigan)
$5400 ColoradoBuff, Jacksonville Jaguars

Cumberland, Jeff (WR/TE, Illinois)
$5100 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

Dray, Jim (TE, Stanford)
$25,000 Rohirrim, Denver Broncos

Eldridge, Brody (TE, Oklahoma)
$10,000 Arkie, Cleveland Browns

Hodge, Shay (WR, Ole Miss)
$40,000 phibacka31, Washington Redskins

$15,000 TwinCitiesBronco, Minnesota Vikings

Horne-Murdock, Jeremy (WR, Massachusetts)
$5100 Bronco CB40, Chicago Bears

Long, Scott (WR, Louisville)
$15,000 jebures, Oakland Raiders

Mariani, Marc (WR, Montana)
$95,000 iforgotmypassword, New Orleans Saints

$18,000 GoWYO, Philadelphia Eagles
$5100 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

McGaha, Chris (WR, ASU)
$30,000 ludo21, New York Giants

Meier, Kerry (WR, Kansas)
$25,000 Rohirrim, Denver Broncos

$15,000 ludo21, New York Giants

Moore, Michael (WR, Georgia)
$5100 eddie mac, New England Patriots

Onubun, Frendi (TE, Houston)
$15,000 TwinCitiesBronco, Minnesota Vikings

$5000 jebures, Oakland Raiders

Reed, David (WR, Utah)
$10,500 Mediator12, Indianapolis Colts

$5100 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

Toone, Tim (WR/PR, Weber State)
$15,000 Rohirrim, Denver Broncos

Wallace, Roberto (WR, San Diego St.)
$5200 ColoradoBuff, Jacksonville Jaguars

$5000 jebures, Oakland Raiders

Williams, Jeremy (WR, Tulane)
INVALID SELECTION (taken at pick #149 of regular draft)

Williams, Stephen (WR, Toledo)
$5000 Arkie, Cleveland Browns

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