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Matt Paradis

Running Backs / Fullbacks

Anderson, Andre (RB, Tulane)
$5000 jebures, Oakland Raiders

Bell, Joique (RB, Wayne State)
$21,000 GoWYO, Philadelphia Eagles

$10,200 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers
$10,000 JCMElway, Kansas City Chiefs

Coker, LaMarcus (RB, Hampton)
$5200 ColoradoBuff, Jacksonville Jaguars

Connor, John (FB, Kentucky)
$8,200 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

Dic-kson, Richard (FB, LSU)
$10,000 TwinCitiesBronco, Minnesota Vikings

Dixon, Andre (RB, Connecticut)
$20,000 Arkie, Cleveland Browns

Ford, Will (RB, South Carolina State)
$5100 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

James, Brandon (RB, Florida)
$15,000 ludo21, New York Giants

$5000 JCMElway, Kansas City Chiefs
$5000 DBroncos4life, Green Bay Packers

James, Javarris (RB, U. of Miami)
$5100 ColoradoBuff, Jacksonville Jaguars

Johnson, Stafon (RB, USC)
$5300 eddie mac, New England Patriots

Paschall, Pat (RB, NDSU)
$10,000 TwinCitiesBronco, Minnesota Vikings

Smith, Alphonso (RB, Kentucky)
$15,000 jebures, Oakland Raiders

Smith, Michael (RB, Arkansas)
$5000 DBroncos4life, Green Bay Packers

Tonga, Manase (FB, BYU)
$5300 eddie mac, New England Patriots
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