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Matt Paradis

UDFA Results!

1) A total of 96 different players were bid on this year (up from 53 the year before). However, only 26 of these were contested (were bid on by more than one person).

2) The "Mr. Relevant" award goes to S Darien Stewart of South Carolina, who had bids placed on him by four different people.

3) The three highest bids were:
A) Randy Phillips, S, Miami -- $100,000 by Carmelo15
B) Marc Mariani, WR, Utah -- $95,000 by iforgotmypassword
C) Sylvester Stevenson, OLB, Utah -- $45,000 by JCMElway

So, without further ado, here are the results (sorted by position):


Hall, Max (QB, BYU)
$10,000 ludo21, New York Giants

Nichols, Matt (QB, Eastern Washington)
$10,200 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

Perrilloux, Ryan (QB, Jacksonville State)
$31,000 ColoradoBuff, Jacksonville Jaguars

Randolph, Dom (QB, Holy Cross)
$5100 ExpatFan, Pittsburgh Steelers

Smith, Rusty (QB, Florida Atlantic)
$25,000 GoWYO, Philadelphia Eagles

$5100 eddie mac, New England Patriots

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