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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Iron Clady View Post
I have an old Rollings band CD end of silence.

Love most of the tracks on it, I play it from time to time.
That was his breakout release, no question. I perfer his faster material as opposed to the long slow dirges though, as much as I'm a fan of his work, the long, snail paced workouts tend to wear on me after a bit.

I've met him a few times. He's a hard person to hang out with because he's a loner who generally doesn't care for the company of other people and he frowns upon drinking. I have a couple of pics with him, but we never interacted all that much and are certainly not on a first name basis or anything like that. I'm still a huge fan though and keep buying all his cd's/books and what have you.

I try not to post the same vids over and over, so going through the thread to see if I posted that before was a bit of a challenge and a half.....ever start from the beginning and try to work your way through it? It's something else.
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