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Jacob Tamme

The question I have is hypothetical but one that I'd be real curious to hear about from barryr and others.

Say McCain won the Presidency with the fact that the Congressional Budget Office predicted 1.3 trillion dollar deficits prior to any President coming into office in 2009. As well as, job losses in the 750K per month range, imminent bank failures including but not limited to some of the largest banks in the world not to mention one of the largest insurance companies in the world (AIG). GM facing bankruptcy, the need for a surge in spending in Afghanistan, the still looming mortgage crisis and so on.

Given these factors: Where do you suppose the country would be with McCain as President? Please, I just want to know how you really feel on this topic. No need to take jabs on either side here. Just state your opinion on what would have been different and how that would have made things better or worse. Do you believe that another round of tax cuts (which we hear about every day from Republican politicians) would have done a better job getting us out of the very large recession that started in early 2007?

A follow up question: The Bush Administration cut taxes 3 times favoring the rich by percentage. I'm assuming that Reaganomics is in play when they cuts taxes like they did. So the follow is, do you believe that we have seen any sort of trickle down in the private sector from the 1.7 trillion dollars in tax cuts during the Bush Administration?

I hope to gain some insight. I guess we'll see how this goes...
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