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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by McSkillet View Post
A reason for fans of rock music (not the modern post-post punk hipster stuff) to get excited:

Them Crooked Vultures
John Paul Jones of Zeppelin playing the Thunder spiel
Dave Grohl on Drums (and kicking serious can on a huge kit)
Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age on geetar and vox

You would think so, but that's not what I'm finding amongst that set (meaning the "classic rockers" who insist there hasn't been much music of value made since 1977). Most of these guys see the names of Grohl and Homme and reject it outright. Others hear how a track like this is somewhat disjointed, think the Jones influence is minimal and dismiss it as just another side project for these GOTSA guys (because these guys generally don't like to be challenged with material like this). Which is unfortunate, because it they gave it half a chance, they'd probably be happy with at least half the album because of it's neo Zep production alone. I liked it enough to burn a copy. This track started to get some radio legs late last year, then died out.
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