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Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
only because of the crap rules they have now. I would love to see how manning would of done back when elway played. Nowadays you can't even sneeze at a qb withoug getting a penalty or a fine.
Manning is a specific passer who relies on hard study and rhythmic passing. Force him into showing his physical limitations and he quickly becomes average. Let's not forget the guy is good, he's been in the same system for a decade with little turnover in assistant coaches. Plus, he never gets touched. Pretty much like a certain qb in New England that I call the ultimate corporate quarterback. Add that to the current rules and there you go. There isn't a damn thing Peyton does that Marino, Kelly or Elway couldn't do. Give me a break.

Funny story here:

guess Peyton's "greatness" can't buy everything.

Peyton + Eli + bag of bubblegum < Elway

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