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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by CB-Champ24
No I havent heard of them...well i've heard of them but, havent heard their stuff...I havent listened to too much ska besides guys like the Specials, the Toasters, Metaskaphales, MU330, Mustard Plug, Madness...ill definitely go check the pietasters out...

Here's a link to the official Pietasters home page, they have a sounds section there where you can check them lots of great photos throughout the years. They are great guys as well...very generous.

Good bands all that you mentioned...I had the chance to go check out Mustard Plug last year and didn't go....I regret it, I really like them as well. Check out the Voodoo Glow Skulls if you're interested in hardcore skapunk at all..they're cool as well but are much better in concert than they are on CD for some odd reason IMO.
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