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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Mr View Post
Liquid Smoke - Liquid Smoke
Okay, I checked into's a very interesting record. Most of these songs sound like Vanilla Fudge outtakes...the covers especially ("The Shelter Of Your Arms", "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"). Figures that they were a Long Island band, the vocals and Hammond organ stylings are straight out of the Fudge and Rascals. "Let Me Down Easy" anticipates the sound of Sugarloaf (remember "Green Eyed Lady"?) added brass in spots was also an unexpected surprise.

On the downside, this has to be the limpest version of "Hard To Handle" I've ever heard in my entire life. The good vocal is totally wasted on the sluggish, lifeless backing that is too laid back for it's own good.

Here's the lone You Tube track from the album that I could find. The don't wear the influences on their sleeves quite as much in this one, but you can still tell they're from that whole east coast scene. Found a bunch more tracks on MySpace from them ( including the ones I mentioned above, they even admit a V Fudge influence there )

Anyways, it's a cool record and one that I would purchase (if I can find a copy for a reasonable price that is...I know it's pretty rare). It's good to hear something from that era that's not totally tired from being overplayed on classic rock radio for a change.

Thank you and kudos Sir

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