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lol....the comments you guys have posted....too funny.

Here is a tip for you- ALL TRAVEL AGENCIES have the same rates....the rates you find on expedia are the same you would get through a travel agent, or priceline, or any other site out there...There is not difference, unless you get an old fashioned agency that marks up the cost.. MOST of those went out of business!

Travel agencies are not going under---well let me rephrase, the idiot ones are going under. The smart ones and even average ones are not...They are alive and well and thriving.

PS- anytime you book somehting online you HAVE to pay a booking fee. So most of the time you are actually overpaying as a fair few agencies do not charge them.

Whats your question TJ. I have some real good business contacts that I work with on a daily basis with that are in that field. I can alteast pass it along.
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