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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I can't believe what a mistake Seattle is making by hiring Pete Carroll as their new HC. They groom Mora Jr. for the job, give him one year and then fire him, and hire Pete Carrol to take over?

You'd think Seattle would give Mora Jr. one more year. After all, they did GROOM the guy as Holmgren's hand picked replacement...

How does Seattle get away with hiring Petey? Where's the Rooney rule? Where's the Rooney rule when the promoted Mora Jr. and where's the Rooney rule when they 86 Mora Jr. and grab Petey?

I don't get it. This is why Seattle sucks.
The Rooney rule is the biggest piece of fluff ever, here is how it goes down:

Owner: We need to comply with the Rooney rule or the league will take a huge bite out of my ass.
Lackey #1: That is true, but we want Pete Carroll and he is not a minority candidate.
Lackey #2: Hey, the guy who mops the floors is black or something, isn't his name Jesus? Jesus wasn't American so he must be a minority candidate.
Owner: Great, hey you go get the mop guy.

Minutes pass....

Mop guy: Hello, Mr Blank (I am not talking about the Falcons ownership here, I am just using Blank in place of the real name of the owner of Seattle)
Owner: Hello erhmm....
Mop Guy: Jones sir, Michael Jones.
Owner: (whispering) That doesn't sound black to me, but it will have to do.
Owner: So, Michael, how do you see yourself contributing to this organization?
Mop guy: Well, I keep the floors clean and I empty the trash bins and make sure the windows and doors are locked.
Owner: Excellent, well have a good day and continue mopping those floors.

Mop guy leaves.

Owner: Well, that is that taken care of, call the league and say we interviewed an inhouse minority candidate to comply with the Rooney rule.
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