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Originally Posted by TexanBob View Post
Are the White Sox playing to win it all in 2010? I want to see the Astros trade Roy Oswalt to the Sox for John Danks, his brother Jordan Danks and another prospect. Oswalt still has two years left on his contract and is best buds with Jake Peavy. On Oswalt's personal website, he lists Chicago as his favorite road city. He has a no-trade clause so he'd need to be convinced to be traded but the chance to play with his favorite player and in his second-favorite city could do the trick.

The Sox would have to be the AL Central favorite with a rotation of Peavy, Oswalt and Buehrle although you'd add about $10 million in payroll. But I think you'd still be beneath what you were paying last year, having shed the contracts of Contreras and Thome.

How about it?

I like John and Floyd alot and they are young. I hope Jake and Mark can teach both Floyd and John some more pitching tips and other things. I also like our rotation alot but worry about the hitting. I have been hearing good things about John's brother also so I would like to see him in some games this spring. As far as Roy listing Chicago as his favorite road city is cool but they all want to go to the cubs and I'm ok with that.

I liked that the sox did trade Thome and was very happy that Contreras went to the rockies. I think he needed a change. I just hope we can get faster on the bases.

I hope the Sox are trying to go for it all in 2010 cause 2005 was a long time ago! But I still worry about the Twins. They will always be in the thick of things.

Go White Sox!
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