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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Popps

Yea... Loose Nut is very dreary/droney/studio sounding. I can see why a lot of Flag fans didn't dig it. It was a different direction. Just something about the chance they took with it that I liked. Almost had a metal edge to it... but kind of a druggy, grey feeling as well.
I'm not so sure it had to do with production....the only reason I say that is because In My Head had the same type of sound but the material seemed to be much more animated with that one....not as draggy. I'm not saying I didn't dig Nut at all, it's just my least fave recording of theirs (save for maybe Live '84 or The Process Of Weeding Out EP...but it's a tough call IMO). I'll never forget the looks a few of those tracks got when played for those unaware of the Flag
I had a friend who did a radio show at the college I went to and he used to play the opening part of Madonna's extended mix of "Dress You Up In My Love" and while it was going, read Hank's "Madonna" poem over it in a totally deadpan voice...when he ws finished reading it, he'd cut to the Flag's "Crazy Girl" immediately.... It was pretty cool IMO and always generated a few calls to the station.

lol! Yea, I remember when Jello ran for the Green Party. He actually ran for mayor of San Francisco back in the day, too. (before I lived there, though) I'm surprised the kooks up there didn't elect him. Of course, he couldn't have done much worse than what we had up there.
Yeah, I read about his Mayoral run...he promised to make all the businessmen wear clown suits or something like that...he actually came in 4th or 3rd I think...not sure of that though, since it was a long time ago that I read that.

I wonder if Maximum Rock- N - Roll still does a radio show...I seen that fanzine the other day and almost picked it up...I have a ton of those things laying around dating back to the early '80's but haven't bought one in years...I wonder what it's like now....did you ever check that out?
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