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Originally Posted by RHogan
Yeah, Rollins is not to be missed. One of these days I'll catch the spoken word thing he does....ever seen one of them Popps?

I wanted to see Du when the Warehouse tour came around my area, but a wicked snowstorm kept me fromt he four hour drive. I should've braved it but thought I'd catch them next time. Huge mistake.....that was a terrible year IMO..Husker Du, Black Flag & Dead Kennedys all folding up the tent at roughly the same time...there were some long months there before The Pixies finally showed up.
That sucks... yea, I had a similar story with Black Flag. Always was a huge fan, and they came to St. Louis... I want to say it was like 86, on the Loose Nut tour. (Which is another album that I love, but most Flag fans don't)
I had a gig with my own band that night, and blew off the Flag show.. just assuming that I'd get another chance to see them. They never came back.

Never saw the DKs. They didn't come through STL much. I did go bowling with Jello in San Francisco, though. lol! (A record label my band was on bowled against Alternative Tentacles)
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