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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Popps
That's awesome. I've seen Rollins live, but always in big venues. Still a good show.

I saw Husker Du in 1988. I believe it was right before they released Candyapple Grey. They played at a little hole in St. Louis and Soul Asylum opened up for them. That was back when Soul Asylum was decent. What a phenomenal show that was.
Yeah, Rollins is not to be missed. One of these days I'll catch the spoken word thing he does....ever seen one of them Popps?

I wanted to see Du when the Warehouse tour came around my area, but a wicked snowstorm kept me fromt he four hour drive. I should've braved it but thought I'd catch them next time. Huge mistake.....that was a terrible year IMO..Husker Du, Black Flag & Dead Kennedys all folding up the tent at roughly the same time...there were some long months there before The Pixies finally showed up.
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