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Originally Posted by bronconia View Post
when I was 10, i had been begging and begging and BEGGING for a bike, and when I came down that christmas morning, knew I wasn't getting one (it wasn't sitting under the tree haha).

My dad (playing santa as usual) kept a rather small package throughout the entire process, tucked towards the back of the other gifts. SO, he sees my face after each opened present, the slight look of dissapointment (i'm ten, and wanted a bike. what can I say lol), and he says "ok, last one cory. here ya go."

So I rip into that little thing, aaaaaaand...what the hell? A chain lock? I'm looking at my dad, and he gives me this big grin, and points over to the door to the garage.

It finally clicks, and as soon as it does I'm instantaneously across the room, flipping the lights on.


Spalding bike. Bright red, with white tires and grips.

god it was so amazing. I'll remember that day for the rest of my life haha.
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