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Von Miller

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
My father had a heart attack and passed away christmas day 3 yrs ago. It makes Christmas really tough.

For sure the best gift I ever got was a saxophone given to me by my mom and dad for xmas when I was about 16. I still have it, still play it, and every time i do I remember how much my dad sacrificed to buy it for me.

At the time my parents weren't very well off and the instrument cost 1500.00 dollars. I realize now that I'm older how much my parents put out and sacrificed to buy me that horn.

I miss my dad tonight and it's really tough but i think I will play some of my dads favorite tunes on the sax he bought me. That always makes me feel better.
Yeah, its pretty hard, my mom passed away on christmas day from complications from brain cancer. she was in a coma for three days leading up to her death, but for some reason unknown to me, my little cousin, 4 at the time went up to her and said "merry Christmas Aunt Linda" to which my mom responded "merry christmas Tink"(little cousins nickname) she hadn't shown any signs of knowing what was going on before or after that statement. From there I knew she was gone, but was okay with it. It never gets easier, and christmas really isn't my favorite time.
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