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My mom had melanoma develop over her achilles tendon in her left leg in 2002. Since then she has had surgeries to remove the growth, and eventually to remove the lymph nodes (it spread there but no where else). But the chemo they ran through her arteries in her leg made it swell, so they had to do a fasciotomy (cut her lower leg open on either side to relieve pressure). She ended up coming home with a vac bandage on the lower portion of her leg and was on a ton of medication to control the pain, we had home nursing to change the bandaging but the leg was deteriorating. Eventually they amputated in Sept of 07. I cant tell you what its like to have your mother basically be a living corpse, and to get her back the way she was before the fasciotomy (i am butchering this word but dont care) was the greatest gift. Christmas 2008 is the best Christmas I have had in my 28 years, and so far she has had great checkups, no hotspots anywhere.

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