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Originally Posted by McKid A View Post
Didn't notice this thread was a year old, because I was just nodding in agreement on the first line about Lexus ads. So terrible (the new one where the whole neighborhood puts up lights except one family that parks their two brand new Lexus in their driveway instead, which everyone then gazes at in amazement? Gag me.)

Anyway, favorite gift in terms of pure, selfish excitement when I ripped off the paper was probably a video game system or something like that. To get sentimental, though, I'll always associate the day with reunions of the entire extended family. Both parents come from big families, so no matter what side I spend Christmas and Christmas Eve with it's a lot of people, a lot of kids, and a lot of food.

I only have one sibling, so unless I marry someone with a whole lot of brothers and sisters, my hypothetical kids won't get quite the same experience. Which makes me a little sad, because all that craziness is why I have so many great memories of the holidays.
You'll get a chance to make it your own, and your kids will have the same sentiment about that as you have with your memories. The fun part for me is coming up with your own traditions. Who knows...maybe you will serendipitously end up with big christmas crowds.
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