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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Having our offense fall off this much really distresses me. We had one of the rising gem offenses ?
50% agree.

Distressing offense. But we were FAR from a "gem" last season. Fancy fantasy numbers don't mean anything. We were sloppy with the ball, had troubles in short yardage, had troubles on 3rd down, etc. We played from behind a lot and piled up yardage numbers. Middle of the pack at scoring... so hardly a gem, and it certainly wasn't "rising."

That said, I agree... we're stuck in quicksand right now, and have to figure out a way to get this thing kick-started. Unfortunately, I think it's going to take time and talent. Those are the remedies. This is a process... and as painful as it is, it doesn't happen overnight.

Remember, McDaniels was basically given Marshall, Clady, Royal and Sheff.

Marshall has had a great season. Clady has had a great season. Sheffler has been so-so, but made big catches. Royal has made clutch catches, but his numbers could definitely be better.

Outside of that, it's a full re-do. We're reworking this entire system. It's not like he inherited the 2000 Rams.

It's as painful for me to watch as it is for you. We show flashes, though... and I think a couple of real linemen would make a dramatic impact, immediately.

Actually, I think a healthy Buck might have been enough today, alone. But, Harris and Buck would have definitely been a difference-maker.
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