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I kept track of the plays on 1st and 3rd downs today for us on offense. I stopped towards the end of the 4th quarter due to rage, so a few are missed but still gives a good picture.

On 1st down, we ran the ball 17 times, passed 6 times and ran play action 4 times.

On 3rd down, we ran 3 times, passed 12 times and 0 play action.

2 of the 3rd down runs were sneaks by Orton, of which only 1 was converted. You people want to complain about Hillis? Our offense can't even get to a managable 3rd and short to even give ANY RB a shot at converting.

Our average 3rd down and distance was 7.8 yards per. We finished 4-15 on 3rd down conversions.

This is the epitome of the run run pass punt offense. I'm too lazy to go calculate our 1st down yardage average, but you already know it can't be good when we are averaging almost 8 yards to go on 3rd down.

Kyle Orton is not the type of QB that can get you 8 yards on 3rd down consistently.

Other thing to note is that we only ran 4 play action plays the entire game. So we aren't even attempting to take advantage of being stubborn and running on almost every 1st down.

McD is also putting Orton in a bad spot by calling the game this way. The defense knows when we are going to pass. I still don't know if it's McD aggorance, or if he doesn't trust the ability of Orton to open up the playbook.

In any case, it's sad seeing such a sad, predictable offense these days.

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