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TJ Ward

Why are reporters such pussies? Ask the tough questions.

Why no Hillis? Instead of wasting passes to OT's who have zero career receptions, why don't you give Brandon Marshall a chance to make some plays in the air? Are you attempting any ZBS plays, if not, why? How come there wasn't any help offered to Polumbus when he was getting beaten badly early on? Why do you think Eddie Royal is struggling vs. catching 100 passes last year?

What is the defense doing to offset offenses gameplanning to stop Elvis? Why was there a lack of blitzing on Jamarcus Russell on the final drive when he clearly struggles against it?

Our reporters are weak. We need to import some from New York to ask the tough questions. I think somebody should really try to out this arrogant angle. It seems like it's piping under McD's skin.

"HOOOOOOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!?!?! Don't you know i'm 32 and the youngest head coach in the NFL!!!!!!"
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