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Default Josh McDaniels Raiders Post Game

Loose transcription for those that didn't catch the press conference:

McDaniels: It was a hard fought division game. Physical. Similar to the first one. They did more than we did at the line of scrimmage today. They took advantage of their red zone opportunites. We struggled to do that. Any time you've got to kick field goals in a game that is going to be close anyway, it's going to cost you in the end. I give them credit, Coach Cable and their staff did a nice job and had a good game plan, and we've got to go back to work.

Reporter question: What are your comments on their running game?

McDaniels: Just that they've got good backs and we didn't play the running game as good as we'd have liked to. There's no question about that. They had a bunch of big runs. That was key. We had them backed up at the 11 and then 3 plays later they're in the red zone. Anytime tha tyou're going to give up 25, 30 yard runs or more in a game those are going to pile up on you. Maybe they had half their yards in 4 carries? We didn't play sound enough. We didn't play fundamentally. We didn't play as well as we would like to play and they took advantage of it.

Reporter: Was that a designed pass to Ryan Clady?

McDaniels: It was a gadget play.

Reporter: What made you think that play would work?

McDaniels: I wouldn't call it if I didn't think it would work.

Reporter: (paraphrasing this - hard to hear) Do you think injuries to the safeties was a concern in the running game?

McDaniels: (downplaying) Eh, from what I gathered on the field,I didn't feel David Bruton let us down at all. I didn't feel like he was a liability. That isn't a good excuse. For the ball to keep getting into the secondary, we need to do a better job before it gets there. We certainly didn't today.

Reporter: (paraphrasing - guessing again at reporters question) Offense out there seemed to struggle

McDaniels: We got it down there to the 2. Negative runs first of all. Negative plays. Took a sack. Had a penalty. Then on the last drive there we had it to the two and went backwards again. Anytime you end up in the red zone and you end up in second and longer or third and longer it's trouble because you don't have much room in the passing game to try to overcome that. We had three shots there at the end and didn't get it in... so... We've just got to execute better. We've got to find a way to punch the ball in whether it be in the running game or in the pasisng game. But we didn't do it today.

Reporter: There was that wierd delay there - how did that affect you?

McDaniels: It didn't affect us. It was both teams. It was a green light and it was hitting players in the face. They were just taking precautions to make sure both teams were safe.

Reporter: Big picture wise, you now have to win your last two probably, and maybe even need some help because of the tie breakers --

McDaniels: (interrupting the question) I don't know all the tiebreaker stuff. I have no idea whatever else happened today. But yeah. We go from win three and we're in automatically to making it hard on ourselves. There's no question about it. But winning two is the best we can do now, and we're going to get ready to play Philadelphia. We know that's going to be a very difficult challenge to go there and defeat a team that is playing really well right now. But that's what we've got to do. That's the situation we've put ourselves in.

Reporter: (unintelligable but this is what it sounded like to me) In a game like this where *garble* (good run defense?) you've got to get more out of your runningback.

McDaniels: We've got to get more out of our running game. It's not the back. The back has to help him. The line has got to do better. The tight ends have got to do better. The fullback has got to do better. We can do better. The running game is everybody. When it works well, it's a lot of people working well together. And when it doesn't work well, there's a lot of people that need to do something different. Today we strugged to make it go. We had a few good runs here and there, but certainly not enough on a consistent basis so that we could stay with it longer. We ended up in a lot of second and longs and that's never a good thing.

Reporter: There was one big play to Brandon Stokely. What was the secret to that? Why did that happen?

McDaniels: You know, it's a man-to-man team. We kind of picked off a route on who was in coverage on Stokely and that's why he had space once he caught it, because everybody else was covering someone on the play. So,certainly, we've had our spurts of making big plays, and would like to make a bunch of them. Sometimes in football you have to do it the long hard way. They took away a lot of things that we'd have liked to do today, and we didn't make enough plays to win the game.

Reporter: (paraphrasing) On the Raider's last drive, talk about what went wrong for you there.

McDaniels: You know, we were playing tight coverage and trying to take away the things we thought they'd go to. We got them in third down situations - even a fourth down situation I belive it was - and Russel made some really big plays. He stood in there took some hits. Give him credit. Come in that situation late and be able to drive his team in there. That's what decides a lot of close division games late in the year. They made the plays in the two minute drive and we didn't.

Reporter: Generally, you were running Knowshon on first downs, and it wasn't working. Why did you stick with that when there wasn't the execution that you talked about?

McDaniels: Well I mean, you know, if you have a bad play early in the game, I don't think that you can cancel the running game --

Reporter (interrupting) w-w-w-ell I'm not blaming Knowshon. I'm saying it wasn't working -

McDaniels (interrupting back) We have to block it better. (getting a little more animated) You got to block it better. You got to run it batter. You've got to call better plays. There's a lot of things that go into football to make it work, and certainly I'll be the first one to stand in line and say we've got to do a better job. We can coach better, run better, play better, block better. We didn't do enough today.

Reporter: Are you concerned about where your players are mentally - I mean you come off the loss, and now you've got Christmas.

McDaniels: No every team is in the same situation having to deal with the distractions. We put ourselves in a situation where we've got to win two games and see what happens. There are a lot of teams that aren't in this situation. So if we're concerned about our mental state now then we've got other problems. We should be excited about the opportunity that we have. We need to play well, coach well, and see what happens.

Reporter: Can you talk a little about you're decision to go with Tony Carter.

McDaniels: Tony really earned the opportunity, he really had. From what he did in practice and I think he represented himself well today for the most part. I don't know how many balls were thrown or caught on him. But I know he made some key plays for us. It was a process. All of our guys get a chance in practice to show what they're doing and how they're improving, and he just has earned that opportunity. I don't think he did a whole lot today to discourage us. He held up well until he got dinged there.

Reproter: You played him a few snaps at safety?

McDaniels: That was just a "mixer" call there. We had three corners in the game and one safety. It was a mixer call to confuse them to what we were doing. But he's definitely a corner.

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