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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
Why would I go back 4 years to delete posts? Why would you go back 4 years to find smack? Why not just masterbate like the rest of your clan when you get board?

If you want to see my response after the win, here ya go.

I mean............ 4 years?! That beating must have stung back then.
I think Masterbating is very healthy as long as your not over 30 and not cleaning up with a tube sock or the Star Wars sheets that your mom bought you in 1983.

You got to use it (your prostate[sp?]) or lose it.

Anyway if I were a KFC fan I would rather jerk it than watch KFC play, at least you having something to show for your effort when you are done. 5 wins in 2 years is pretty sad.
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