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Originally Posted by MrMcMotherEffin007 View Post
Yeah, it's called be disciplined.

Get away from refined sugars - Ice cream, candy, etc. You should only really be getting sugar from fruit and the minimal amounts found in milk/dairy/etc.

Don't eat enriched flours or pastas. Go all whole wheat for every bread or pasta carb, this means the first ingredient on the pasta or bread should be whole wheat or stone ground whole wheat flour. Spelt grains are really good too, but you typically only get those at health conscious grocers.

Get rid of red meat. Only eat lean meats and fish (99% fat free turkey meat, chicken breast, and salmon/tuna/etc).

Workout and run 3 times a week.

You'll lose 10 lbs in no time.
You really need to read the label when comes to "whole wheat" products. Manufacturers will sub in stuff that actually makes them worse for you then some of bad flours.
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