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Originally Posted by MrMcMotherEffin007 View Post
Sorry for the late response OU.

Yeah it will definitely work, but it also depends on what you're grilling...

You need to stay away from red meat and grill with 99% fat free turkey meat if you're into burgers etc (you can mix the turkey meat with spices like pepper, garlic, cumin, a little egg, etc to make them taste better). Also use whole wheat buns and stay away from chips. Stay away from pretty much everything with the exception of chicken, fish, and lean turkey meat. If you make a salad, use dressings that are fat free.

Do you use whole milk or fat free milk with your protein drink? I would suggest mixing in blueberries, some organic peanut butter (don't worry about the high fat content, it's good for you), and a banana in your drink.

Lastly, yes it will all work. The key, as I stated previously, is discipline. The biggest problem with the perception of America is that everything should be a quick fix. The hard fact is that it's not. You may not see much weight loss to begin with, you may be drinking more water that contributes to extra water weight and you may be adding some muscle mass which will make it seem like you like nothing is happening as far as your weight is concerned.

This is why things like BMI bear absolutely no meaning in today's society. If you continue along this path, your body will be changing internally, no doubt about it - regardless of what the scale says.

Be patient and keep it up, before you know it you will be feeling 100x better and out of nowhere the pounds will start dropping. Don't try to go for some retarded miracle drug from the inept pharmaceutical and "health" industry.
well starting off giving up ribeyes is just been the hardest thing so far!!

we eat alot of chicken, and lean everything and use the fat free dressings

as for the Drink i'm drinking I use 2% milk and 52g whey protein I hadn't thought about adding anything too it, thanks

I'm not too much into adding muscle mass at this point as losing the 10-15 lbs the doc wants off and I've been drinking the hell out of water

the dr mentioned a book called the GI diet have you tried this

and thanks very much for the info
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