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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Not at all. Quite the contrary.

This was a thread with a simple purpose... to throw out some information as to why one of our players might not be seeing playing time.

I'm a huge believer in the kid's physical talent. But, he's been repeatedly questioned as far as his mental ability, and again... can't even beat out Larsen for time at FB.

No one is bashing him. I think we're all just disappointed.

On the upside, Moreno will render him a moot topic of discussion, anyway.
Im not sure Moreno play will render the topic moot. Because people in the chatroom were still hoping for Hillis to come in at the end of the game.Not because Moreno sucks.It was because both rbs were hurting and they wanted to see him get a chance.I wanted to see him fill in the Lamont Jordan role and punish the D at the end.But it seems hes really in the doghouse. I never wanted Moreno not to start, I just wanted to see Hillis/Moreno do a Alsott/Dunn type combo on teams. But with Buck and Moreno on the depth chart its hard to do that.
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