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Originally Posted by dragster69 View Post
Let me know when he gets a 100-yard game...

Yes he had a nice game, but he stalled a lot. We saw flashes of what he can do, but he has done nothing yet...

He needs to establish himself by being more consistent, that's why Marshall got on his ass last week, and he finally decided to play with the fire and determination he should've all season long...

Adrian Peterson has 3 100 yard games in 10 weeks of play. Is he less of a back because he doesnt get 100 week in and out, or is he more effective because he is part of a solid rotation? NFL football right now uses a back rotation, the teams that win consistently have multiple guys carrying the football, which adds to a back's longevity and keeps them from wearing down. Quit with the negative attitude about a rookie because you have a hardon for Hillis.

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