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Originally Posted by dragster69 View Post
Again, if you've ever followed the way Shanahan operates(d) he hardly ever starts a rookie. He didn't know what he had in Hillis until he started to see playing action out of necessity when our running game was depleted by injuries.

I'm sure at this point, Shanahan was pleased to see what he saw out of Hillis...
Shanahan started rookies plenty. The best RB in Broncos history started as rookie, and Shanahan continually gave rookies carries after that.

So, despite that CLEAR history of giving the ball to rookies, Shanahan AND Turner decided NOT to give Hillis a shot at the starting job, even with multiple injuries. It was only out of pure necessity that he got carries.

So, again... TWO great offensive coaches and a great RB coach have made the same decision, despite how cool Hillis' Youtube videos look.

As I said, unless you believe Shanahan and McDaniels purposely tried to harm their own teams, there must be another answer.
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