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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Doesn't matter what I think or see....I'm not the head coach of the Broncos...nor am I the offensive coordinator, nor am I his position coach.

So this is two seasons in which Hillis was not the starting RB of the Denver Broncos on opening day.

Neither Mike Shanahan, nor Josh McDaniels saw what you claim to be immense talent going to waste....and as you implied, have chosen to ignore it.

Two NFL offensive coordinators have also chose to ignore the all-worldly talents of one Peyton Hillis.

And two RB's coaches have also chosen to ignore this glorious example of male pultritude and luminosity.

Neither did 31 other NFL teams (who have dozens if not hundreds of college scouts BTW) in the first 6 rounds of the '08 draft.

Oh, and his college coach held him down as well, forcing him to share carries with McFadden and Jones.

I am really flattered that you think I'm just as good as Mike Shanahan, and Josh McDaniels when it comes to evaluating RB make me blush. Garrsh!
All you have to rely on as far as Hillis is concerned, is his performance that is yet to be topped by Cbuck and/or Moreno
It doesn't matter where he was drafted at.
He was drafted by his versatility and what he brings to the game.
Where a player gets drafted in the first round or in the 7th round is irrelevant until you see that player pay dividends on the field, and Hillis paid off last year.
I leave you with that...
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