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Originally Posted by Harvitz81 View Post
Does anyone have any opinions on if cardio is necessary to get to sub 10% bodyfat. I've been lifting regularly and have my diet in check, but I can't seem to break the 12-13% bodyfat level (also, my weight has been pretty constant for 3-4 weeks). I'm thinking of cutting my calories more, but I've also starting doing 15-20 minutes of cardio after lifting.

Anyone have any tips?? I'm ultimately shooting to be in the 6-8% bf range. I probably need to cut my calories more and continue doing the cardio. Any tips are appreciated.
Cardio is going to help, and is important any physical routine. But instead of running 2 to 3 miles, think about interval training, running sprints and hills. Studies have shown that better then 20 to 30 minute of jogging.
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