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Originally Posted by ak1971 View Post
couldnt agree with you more...are you going to short anything to try to take advantage of the bounce?
I'm not. The only thing about gold that I'm more sure of than breaking the $2000 barrier, is that it's very volatile. Guessing the timing is like guessing who's going to win MNF tonight. (Go Broncos!) If you sell over $2000, then anything under, even $1999 is a good buy. $850 is a great buy, but I'm not going to risk what I have to get it. I'm just not as confident that we'll see $850 before $2000. I think it will happen, but not enough to risk it, or pay capital gains taxes, or pay the premium to buy it back. It's a lot easier to bet on the underdogs tonight and take the points. lol
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