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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
As long as Jay's not happy with it, Im happy with it. He wanted out, he got his trade, seemed happy with the Bears getting him and he is struggling to be a .500 QB. What more is there not to love? Regardless of what other weaknesses the Bears have, the fact remains he thinks he can lead any team to the promise land and the expectations were so high that he could do just that from the media and the fans. Sure it isnt all on Jay but that wont matter in Chicago. He was their savior and instead he is more like Pontious Pilate during any 4th quarter drive.
Meh! Cutler only wanted out of Denver after McDaniels quit lying and fessed up to Cutler that he did indeed tried to trade Cutler for Cassel. Once McD revealed to Cutler that he couldn't be sure whether Cutler was in Broncos future plans to run McD's NE offensive scheme(s) all bets were off.

Hence, McD's attempt to trade Cutler for Cassel. The rest is history.....and a trade was demanded by Cutler.

If McD was unsure whether he wanted Cutler, entertained the possibility of trading Cutler for Cassel, and McD couldn't guarantee he wouldn't seek future trades involving Cutler......why shouldn't Cutler seek/demand a trade on his own behalf?

Point is, McD was making a business decision with possible trading Cutler for Cassel and McD made it known to Cutler that due to the best interest of the Broncos.....he couldn't guarantee Jay that he would continue to look into trading Cutler in the future.

So Cutler made a business decision and couldn't promise McD that he wanted to remain in Denver as well.....and seeked/demanded trade.
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