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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
I really think jays problen is a piss poor defense and no run game and no WR so the question is with all those holes to fill can the bears even come close to addressing all those problems and be competitive next season? the bears IMO are years off and thats if they even do it right.
As long as Jay's not happy with it, Im happy with it. He wanted out, he got his trade, seemed happy with the Bears getting him and he is struggling to be a .500 QB. What more is there not to love? Regardless of what other weaknesses the Bears have, the fact remains he thinks he can lead any team to the promise land and the expectations were so high that he could do just that from the media and the fans. Sure it isnt all on Jay but that wont matter in Chicago. He was their savior and instead he is more like Pontious Pilate during any 4th quarter drive.
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