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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
What the hell happened in Chicago? SI saw them as a Super Bowl team in the preseason, and virtually all of the pronosticators picked either them or Minnesota to pick the division. They were viewed as a very good team by everyone. They came to Denver in game three of the preseason and we were all sure that if the Broncos just came out of that game healthy it would be awesome. Because we had no chance against the juggernaut that was the Bears. Now, it looks like the wheels are completely off, excuses abound for baby jay and the bears are commonly viewed as weak in every area. What the hell happened? Did cutler take these people down by himself?
To be fair, no he didn't. However, he did have a hand in it. The media convinced themselves and the rest of the world that jay is a franchise qb. When you repeat things over 20 times a day, eventually people will believe it.

But franchise qb's make teams better, not worse. cutler has never made a team significantly better, not here and not in chicago. The Broncos are significantly better this year, and the Bears seemed much better last year with Orton. The coach and the rest of the team will get the blame, but cutler is just as much to blame as everyone else. Redzone int.'s and carelessness don't make the team better.
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