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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Actually, the synths are pretty understated on the track - they're just being used to create a bed for the other instruments and to add a little icing. Not really prominent enough for the average listener to notice them much.

And I don't think I've ever heard the word "cheesy" applied to congas (whose presence in music, BTW, neither began nor ended with the 80s) before (and especially not when a world-class cat like Don Alias is playing them.)

Quick! Google his credits! .
No need to, because once again you're trying to sidetrack what I was talking about. The instruments in question on that track are not only very noticable but they're sounding the same as most production jobs of the 80's....meaning they haven't aged well at all, sound horribly dated today and yes....they are cheesy.

Sanborn came across as himself, i.e., a serious, world-class/world renowned musician who was actually able to say something intelligent about the music (as opposed to mere taste-making/fashion policing re: the use of synths, etc.) I suppose that, by definition, all of the above translates to "pompous" in your world.

Holland, while not a bad pianist himself, was more about the show biz razzmatazz and the usual peripheral crap on NM. Just about every serious musician and/or listener I've encountered who was actually old enough to stay up late enough to watch the show when it was in production feels "Night Music" was better after Holland's departure.
Of course they do and lemme guess as to was because Holland came from Squeeze...a new wave pop band that's just well below the serious sideman standard of the highbrow Sanborn, right?? Wow, whadda surprise that is. Sanborn was an insufferable pompous ass at times, much like yourself, so it's little wonder you'd feel that way.

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