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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
Al Green kicking much ass...

Not even the cheesy 80's synth & congas can keep Reverend Al down, truly one of the last great Soulmen of the pre-Disco era.

Night Music was a great program. David Sandborn's pomposity used to grate on me a bit, but thankfully Jools Holland made up for it in spades. Jools carries on the tradition of this great program over in the UK as Later.. With Jools Holland where every show features up to seven different bands, none from the same style/genre, all set up in a circle performing for each other and a small TV audience. It's shown on the Ovation network at least one a week, often in a marathon and it's a must see.

The glaring difference between the two programs is Night Music often paired musicians together that never would've worked together under normal circumstances (the results varied, but made for some interesting moments nonetheless) regrettably that doesn't happen on the Later show.
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