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Originally Posted by McBronco_Doug View Post

Orton was sacked 27 times last year with this Bears O-line
Cutler was sacked 11 times last year with the Broncos line

Orton is on pace to get sacked 24 times this year
Cutler is on pace to get sacked 30 times which is not that much

Cutler only got sacked once today. Cutler has been sacked only 2 more times than Orton.

Cutler has 10 INT's and Orton only has 1. Why are the Broncos 6-0 ? I think the answer is obvious. Cutler is the modern day Jeff George and Orton is above average and careful with the ball. One style is suited towards this bears style of offense and the other is not.


True, but funny.
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