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Last three games of the year our "defense" gave up 30 30 and 52.
The San Diego game was the only one where Jay didn't have a chance to do anything to help. He was mediocre against Carolina with a 21-33 173 yard 1 TD 1 INT game in the 30-10 drubbing--are you really going to excuse Jay and the offense for only putting 10 measely points on the board in a crucial game?; he threw for a lot of yards (359 yards on 25-45 passing 0 TDs 1 INT) against Buffalo but contributed to the loss with a killer red zone interception. If Jay were a franchise QB, he would have done more in those two games than he did. He choked, face it.

Sure as hell can't credit the defense for a single victory .... and that is not the least bit unreasonable a take (except here on the Mane of course).
It's acceptable in hyperbole land. But, late in the season, when the offense was playing largely mediocre football, the defense did contribute to a few wins: they played very good against Atlanta in our 24-20 win, while Jay was solid but unspectacular (19-27 216 yards 1 TD 0 INTs); they also played well in late season wins against the Jets (forced 3 turnovers in a 34-17 win) and Chiefs (held them 260 yards in 24-17 win). It's sheer hyperbolic-Cutler-nutswinging to act like he won all our games for us and did nothing to contribute to the losses.

This Jay Love/obsession isn't healthy.
Then why do you breathlessly come to his defense when anything critical is said about him? And then you call your own often hyperbolic takes "reasonable", and suggesting that those who(CORRECTLY) believe Jay did his fair share to contribute to our recent mediocrity are merely unreasoned haters. I would say we are being far more reasonable by not absolving Jay and the offense for every ill on the team because the defense was bad.

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