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Originally Posted by TailgateNut View Post
Tell me why I didn't/don't like the douche/err guy. In my eyes, what is his least desireable quality?
His aloof, mopey attitude is pretty weak, especially to the media. And he's a HUGE dick, according to many many people, including several guys on here whom I trust. His dickish personality is his least desireable "quality" imo.

But I don't think he's a baby or a whiner ... I never saw that really. In fact, staying at Vandy for his senior year after his teammates' death, and fighting through the beetus all of 2007 are two very, VERY solid character diplays imo.

He seems like a whiner, but we really don't know, we're not in the room. And I've heard nothing from any player (except Nate Jackson) say anything else.
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