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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Jay Cutler then didn't show up for the last three weeks of the season, when a win in any one of them locks up the division.
Last three games of the year our "defense" gave up 30 30 and 52.

People love to forget, but the season was O-V-E-R on the road in Cleveland when the 4th quarter started. That 4th quarter comeback by Cutler was historic actually, best 4th quarter comeback in the league last year.

Originally Posted by Drek
Jay Cutler's play last year had a LOT to do with Mike Shanahan not being the coach of the Denver Broncos anymore.
We just disagree. The defense was at least 75% responsible for Shanahan's ouster, I'd say 90%. I can't imagine how anyone could disagree.

Proof Jay was NOT the reason Mike was fired? Bowlen said after the firing, "Jay is the man around here, I'll have to speak with him about the future" or something. That's proof Pat didn't think Jay was the problem ... and since Pat did the firing, ipso facto, Jay was not the reason.

Yes, Jay could've been a better leader down the stretch, he shouldda rammed the ball into the end zone those last three games. But this is a very reasonable take: "With 6 or 7 running backs on IR and the worst defense in the league, it's amazing Cutler carried us an 8-8 record." Sure as hell can't credit the defense for a single victory .... and that is not the least bit unreasonable a take (except here on the Mane of course).
I like the guy, but not that much. I gotta stop letting this revisionist history get to me. Half the people bagging on Jay now loved him unconditionally when the season ended. In fact, CBF1 defended Jay to ME when Shanahan was fired.

If you want to hate him now, fine, I certainly understand that. But don't pretend you thought these things before Mike was fired. Not you specifically Drek, but all the "Bandwagon Hater-come-latelys"
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