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Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post
You guys are hilarious ... Palmer lays 45 on their defense, Jay is knocked down 9 times, but somehow it's "Cutler sucking" that caused defeat.

But they really did get killed, didn't they ...
Aren't franchise QBs supposed to win football games for their teams though Buff?

He's supposed to be a franchise QB. You'd think he'd have at least one drive in the first half ending in a touchdown.

And the 45 the Bengals laid on their D? About 17 of it directly resulted in Cutler throwing three picks that got brought back into Bears territory. You can't put short field TDs like that just on the defense, the guy who gave them the short field takes a big chunk of the blame.

Cutler didn't lose the game single-handedly, but he sure did help turn it into a laugher real fast.

Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post

So now it's Jay's fault the defense sucked last year?

Oh that's rich ... and Jay got Shanahan fired too, right?
Jay Cutler guaranteed we make the playoffs before the start of last season.

Jay Cutler then didn't show up for the last three weeks of the season, when a win in any one of them locks up the division.

Jay Cutler's play last year had a LOT to do with Mike Shanahan not being the coach of the Denver Broncos anymore.
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