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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by Soul-Bronco View Post
look at this guy!!

It's pretty simple -- Bengals dominated both lines of scrimmage. Our DTs were being obliterated by their OL today. And once again, our DL can't get to the quarterback, can't slow the runner down, can't get their hands up. On the other side of the ball, turnstiles 57, 68, and 76 were in rare form, again leading opposing rushers straight into the backfield.

What's Cutler supposed to do? Imagine this. You're down 3 TDs in the first quarter. You have no running game. Your "star" TE has alligator arms and can't break tackles. Your receivers are inexperienced. And above all, the left side of your offensive line is a sieve.

I am absolutely stunned that people want to b**** about Cutler, who barely cracks the top 10 in reasons the Bears lost this game. You want him to check down, play it safe, pull in the reigns when the Bears are down by 40?
Dude you sound like any one of us here the last 2 seasons. In time you'll see what we came to realize.
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