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Originally Posted by rastaman View Post
Cutler led the Bears in rushing and passing last night!. This years Bears O line is so dreadful that not even Kyle Orton would have a winning record at this stage had he been the Bears Qb for the 09 season. Its not so much that the threat of Jays Arm didn't improve the running game as much as it is the Bears O line just isn't getting it done thus far. No excuse for his first half interceptions, however you can't have a Franchise QB perform up to expectations if the O line isn't getting it done.

But you must admit, Cutler had the Bears in position to tie the game up inside the Red Zone, however without any type of running attack to speak of, ATL's defense just had to play and cheat on the pass.
The Beasrs offensive line was poor last season as well. In fact, we were led to believe that it would be improved this season with the addition of Pace at LT and Chris Williams returning from injury to play RT. In other words, Orton had major OL issues to deal with as well (if not worse). He also had to deal with a mediocre running game (Bears finished 24th in rushing last season). He had to deal with the same medicore receiving corps. Trying to pretend Orton did not have the same issues to deal with is ludicrous. You guys told us that Cutler by virtue of his superior physical gift would make the OL look better because of his mobillity and quicker release, plus the improved personnel on OL. Why hasn't that happened? You all said the running game would improve because teams would be afraid of Cutler's arm and would no longer stack the box. The running game is worse. In short, the Bears are not any better with Cutler than they were with Orton despite having largely the same team in place. If Jay were really a franchise QB who is worlds better than Orton, why haven't we seen the kind of improvement you guys predicted?

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