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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
NFCN is gonna be a fun division to watch. Vikes should walk away with the division and the packers and bears are gonna be clawing for a wild card. If the bearz can find their defense and get Forte running again, no reason why they can't compete for a playoff spot.

Nobody is talking about the inconsistent packers play. Hell, they are great on week, crappy the next too. Cutler and Rogers is gonna be a fun rivalry to watch for the next few years...
As the Packers get Tauscher worked in and get some guys healthy again their OL will likely improve.

More importantly, Minnesota likely has that division on lock down at this point and the Saints or Falcons will win the NFCS, with one of those two probably taking one of the two wild cards.

That means the Packers and Bears are fighting with one of SF and AZ as well as possibly two of NYG, Philly, and Dallas for a wild card spot.

It'll be a tough road for anyone picking up that last wild card spot.

The Bears schedule going forward doesn't look real forgiving. On the road against Cincy, Minnesota, San Fran, and Baltimore with home games against AZ, Philly, Minnesota, and Green Bay. They need to win about half of those games and Cutler can't have any bonehead games against Cleveland, St. Louis, or Detroit. Otherwise they could be a .500 team giving us a top 20 pick.
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