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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Of course it has to do with the OL blocking. My point is that all the nuthuggers kept telling us how Jay was going to make the Bears so much better, but he really hasn't. The threat of his arm didn't improve the running game like folks claimed it would; it got worse. I'm not saying that's his fault, just pointing out that Jay is NOT in the franchise QB category of guy who makes the players and team aroun d him better.
Cutler led the Bears in rushing and passing last night!. This years Bears O line is so dreadful that not even Kyle Orton would have a winning record at this stage had he been the Bears Qb for the 09 season. Its not so much that the threat of Jays Arm didn't improve the running game as much as it is the Bears O line just isn't getting it done thus far. No excuse for his first half interceptions, however you can't have a Franchise QB perform up to expectations if the O line isn't getting it done.

But you must admit, Cutler had the Bears in position to tie the game up inside the Red Zone, however without any type of running attack to speak of, ATL's defense just had to play and cheat on the pass.
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